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You Know You're A Jeep Owner When.....

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A while back, I took to Twitter and Facebook to find out what makes someone a Jeep owner. How do you know you're a Jeep owner, besides the fact that you own a Jeep. The responses we got back were not only on point, but some were downright hilarious. Enjoy! 


- The UPS/USPS/FedEx carrier becomes your new best friend

- You catch yourself doing the "Jeep Wave" at night or when you're not driving your Jeep

- The majority of Facebook groups and pages you're a part of, are Jeep related

- Your phones camera roll is chock full of photos of your Jeep

- The gas station is one of your daily trips


- Two words: Tax season!!

- After bills are paid, you calculate how much you have left over for Jeep parts

- You get mad when someone calls your Jeep "a car"

- You purposely park next to other Jeeps when you're out....even if it's the furthest spot from the store

- You name your Jeep

- You're broke

- You treat your Jeep better (or the same) as your significant other


- Errands to Harbor Freight can and will turn into an all day adventure

- You do a double take when you drive past a dirt road. Then you immediately turn around to check it out.

- Snow banks= Jeep parking

- You think you can drive over anything

- "Shoe shopping" can cost a fortune 

- If you don't have grab handles, you get wedgies

- You get calls/texts to rescue friends or fellow wheelers at all hours of the day

- Jeep parts start taking up space in your home or garage

- Every 3-5 days is like Christmas


- You wince when you pull into a parking garage with low hanging pipes or ceilings

- Most of your trips or vacations are Jeep related

- The "people you may know" suggestions on social media are usually Jeep owners

- Jeep owners "friend" and follow other Jeep owners so they can look at more photos of Jeeps

- You've closed your door on your seatbelt

- You've ripped your pants on that one damn hinge while getting into or out of your Jeep. You've also whacked your hip, lower back or funny bone on it. Your jeans are missing belt loops because of that damn thing.


- You know about the "dimple mod"

- Sedans on the road are viewed as obstacles

- Urban crawling= driving over curbs

- Urban camping= setting up a blow up mattress in the back of your Jeep

- Go topless means something totally different

- Smiles per gallon is preferred over miles per gallon


- You will pull over to help a fellow Jeeper

- Hear a new, strange noise? Turn the radio up

- Snow emergencies do not apply to Jeeps. You rally your friends together to help recover stuck vehicles or offer people rides to/from work

- You have experienced, or at least know about, death wobble

- "Hang on. I want to try something"


- You look back when you walk away from your Jeep

- You keep extra hats/headbands/hair ties in your Jeep because sometimes "Jeep hair, we DO care"

- Zipties, electrical tape and duct tape are always an arms length away

- Meteorologists are wrong 90% of the time. You WILL experience "wet-ass" at least once

- "I fits, I sits"



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