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Install Shop Policies

Shop Policies and Procedures 

Vehicles must be dropped off by 9am (or before) on the morning of your scheduled appointment, unless told otherwise.

1) All labor must be paid in full before taking delivery of your vehicle. Offroad Elements Inc. will not release your vehicle to you or any other party until all payments have been collected- no exceptions.

2) Parts deposit is required before scheduling an appointment. Offroad Elements Inc. requires a full parts deposit to begin your appointment process. Our invoices and estimates are typically split into "parts" and "labor" fees. Parts fees are due at the time of sale while labor is taken care of upon completion of the work. In the event you would like something added to your appointment, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can do our best to accommodate you. 

  • 2A) For customer supplied parts, 25% of labor is due up front to schedule the appointment; the remainder can be taken care of upon completion of the work. Customer supplied parts will be accepted at the discretion of Offroad Elements Inc. Offroad Elements Inc. has the right to refuse customer supplied parts as they deem fit.

3) All customer vehicles are required to be dropped off for the day if the work scheduled is to take more than 1 hour to complete. We apologize for the inconvenience but encourage customers to arrange for a ride to and from our store on the date of appointment. We do have a key drop for customers dropping off outside of business hours. Because the nature of some installations can vary from job to job, we STRONGLY advise you NOT to make arrangements for rides or pick-ups until we have notified you that your vehicle is done; we will not rush any job in our hands. We will contact you by phone or email when the work is finished and vehicle is ready to be picked up. ** PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS FOR SUSPENSION WORK **

4) Customers are NOT allowed inside the install bays- NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for not only your safety, but the safety of the employees working on the vehicles. If you have a question pertaining to the work being done to your vehicle, we encourage you to speak with someone in the store. If a technician/mechanic/fabricator is needed to answer your questions, our staff will be sure to assist and bring the employee to the front of the store to answer.

5) All vehicles are expected to be in clean condition- this doesn't mean the vehicle needs to be vacuumed or detailed prior to appointment, however if we are working underneath your vehicle, mud and debris tend to make for a longer and messier install. In these cases, Offroad Elements Inc. will charge a fee to bring the vehicle to the carwash. 

6) If you are more than 1 hour late for your scheduled appointment, we may not be able to accommodate you. In this instance, a cancellation fee will apply. (In most cases, we require drop off by 9 am the morning of your install date unless stated otherwise. While our hours of operation are 10am-6pm, we will be in the offices at 9 to meet you. We also have a key drop located around the side of our building on the large bay door. If dropping off outside of our normal hours, you may use the key drop as well)

7) In the event you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, please contact Offroad Elements Inc. no later than 48 hours before your appointment. Any cancellation/reschedule made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment will result in a cancellation fee. No Call/No Show will also result in a cancellation fee (for no-call/no-show appointments with customer supplied parts, the deposit will be forfeited). Repeat No Call/No Show customers may be refused future service at the discretion of Offroad Elements Inc. 

8) In the event you need to cancel your appointment and Offroad Elements Inc. has already performed services in anticipation for your installation (mount/balance, paint/powder coat, freight/shipping fees, etc) customer will be responsible for paying for the services performed. Restocking fees may apply, dependent upon the manufacturer. Any shipping fees incurred by Offroad Elements will deducted from your total refund, even if you originally received free shipping- no exceptions.

9) By dropping your vehicle off for service which requires test drives (before and after services or repairs), break-in periods, diagnostics, etc. you are giving Offroad Elements Inc. consent to drive your vehicle both on and off of the property during business hours, if necessary. 

10) All take-off/removed parts that are being kept by the customer MUST be picked up within 24 hours after your appointment/collection of vehicle. Parts left at Offroad Elements after 24 hours will incur a storage fee of $50. Parts left at Offroad Elements for more than 48 hours, without prior approval, will be disposed of at our discretion.

11) Customer supplied parts- Offroad Elements Inc will NOT take apart any vehicle with customer supplied parts until all components are accounted for and confirmed. It is the customers responsibility to make sure all parts are accounted for prior to installation. Offroad Elements Inc. will not be held liable for any missing parts or delays in shipments. 

** PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR WHEEL LOCK KEY (IF NECESSARY) AT DROP OFF. Delays due to not having all components needed may result in additional labor time being added to your final bill.
**** PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING YOUR PROGRAMMER (if you already have one and it is needed for your appointment ; i.e. regear/axle swap, suspension, tire size change, etc.) AT DROP OFF. Failure to do so may result in a longer appointment time. Offroad Elements will reach out to you directly to come up with a plan to get your programmer to us as quickly as possible.