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Deflators and Gauges

Shop here for your Jeep, Truck or SUV's tire deflators. Air down before hitting the trails or the beach with ease!

  • ARB ARB510 E-Z Digital Deflator ARB ARB510 E-Z Digital Deflator

    ARB E-Z Digital Deflator

    Whether you're heading down to the beach or venturing into the thicket, the new E-Z Digital Deflator will be one of your most valuable recovery items to assist in the deflation of all tire sizes. Often deflating your tires while off-road can be a time...

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  • Smittybilt 2823 Rapid Air Deflator (R.A.D) Smittybilt 2823 Rapid Air Deflator (R.A.D)

    Smittybilt Rapid Air Deflator (R.A.D.)

    The R.A.D from Smittybilt gives you the precision you need by using a calibrating dial with 1PSI increments. The easy to read 0-60 PSI 2" gauge lets you air down in seconds while giving an accurate reading to get your Jeep ready for you adventure off...

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  • Smittybilt 2733 Tire Repair Kit Smittybilt 2733 Tire Repair Kit

    Smiitybilt Tire Repair Kit

    Even the toughest tires can have a rough day on the trail. Sharp rocks or a nail can leave you stranded with a flat when you least expect it. That is why Smittybilt has created a new tire repair kit designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts. It...

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  • PowerTank MON-8220 Monster Valve Tire Deflator

    PowerTank Monster Valve Tire Deflator

    Airing down is crucial for traction while on the trails. When you get to the trailhead, it can take quite some time to air down all 4-tires. This PowerTank Monster Valve Kit is the fastest tire deflation product available. This oversized...

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