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Meet the Team

At Offroad Elements, we pride ourselves in being a family owned and operated business within the large aftermarket automotive industry. What started out as a hobby in 2011, quickly snowballed into the American Dream and years later, we are proud to be a widely known, household name in the off-road world.

Eric M.: President, Founder & Many Hats

Eric is the jack-of-all-trades at Offroad Elements. Quitting his architectural engineering job to pursue his dream was a giant step for not only him, but the company as well. Backed by years of off-road knowledge and mechanical skills, Eric brings to the table his expertise, advice, recommendations and wisdom and is always happy to sit down and discuss your needs. He is usually the first face you'll see when walking through our doors, that is, if he's not off in the shop turning wrenches under a Jeep. When he's not busy in the 4x4 shop or working behind his computer screen, you can find Eric hard at work designing new concepts and parts for Wranglers or torture testing one of his 2 Jeeps on some of the toughest terrains in New England.


Gillian M.: Sales, Social Media, Marketing 

Gillian, Eric's wife, plays an integral role at Offroad Elements. She left her full time job in the early childhood education field to dive head first into the industry. Gillian is in charge of customer service, sales, social media, marketing, shipping & receiving, web development, inventory, you name it! She creates and administrates many of the events and programs that Offroad Elements runs and hosts. When she's not attending to the day to day tasks to help keep the business flourishing, you can find her tending to the OE mascot, Porkchop, or playing out on the rocks in the New England terrain. 


Scottie T: Mastermind Technician

What started out as meeting within a club on the trails, quickly turned into a lifelong friendship and we consider Scottie as part of our family. Scottie devoted his spare time, outside of his full time job, helping us with after-hours installations and projects 5 days a week. When the opportunity arose to change career paths and join our team, Scottie didn't hesitate to say yes. Since 2018, he has been our shop manager and lead technician/mastermind behind installations and fabrications ranging in anything from suspension upgrades to supercharger installations and tuning to the perfecting the fine art of regearing. When he's not hard at work turning customer's Jeeps into off-road beasts, you can find Scottie jamming out on his guitar and mastering the daunting New England trails with his OE family. 


Steven R.: Sales, Customer Service & Marketing


Steven started his adventure with Offroad Elements in January 2020 as part of our regional sales rep team, promoting the company to fellow offroad enthusiasts in his area and on social media. Throughout the year, Steven proved his knowledge of the industry and dedication to the company far exceeded our expectations. In 2021, Steven was offered a permanent position as part of our remote sales team and, after a few months, made the move up to Massachusetts to run the front of the store full time. When Steven isn't offering his insight to his clientele, he can often be found on the blacks and reds at Rausch Creek Offroad Park!

Matt F.: Fabrication, Technician, Brainstormer


Matt joined our team in the summer of 2021, completing our team of talented fabricators, masterminds and technicians out back. He brings his sarcasm, quick wit and willingness to learn and grow through the bay doors every day and has been able to flourish in fabrication and welding by doing so. When Matt isn't nose to the grindstone in the shop, he can be found tinkering on his Wrangler TJ in his spare time and cruising around town on one of his motorcycles.


Ricky C.: Remote Sales & Customer Service


Ricky joined Offroad Elements, like Steven, as a sales rep in 2023. We quickly learned that Ricky's passion for the industry, along with his willingness to learn and grow, would make him a great permanent addition to our team and he joined as a full time employee in the fall of 2023. When he isn't offering to drive up to MA to work in-store and meet clients face to face, or answering phone calls, questions on social media & creating quotes, you can find him hitting his local trails such as Rausch Creek and AOAA with his club, Genesis Jeep Coalition.


Dillon N.: Regional Sales Rep


Dillon started with Offroad Elements in 2017 as one of our original Regional Sales Reps and has been an integral part of our social media team since then. While Dillon is located in the DFW area and caters to his local clientele there, he is also very vocal on social media and can assist in selecting the right parts for your vehicle. He has spent the past year tearing his Jeep down piece by piece and turning it into a true one ton machine. When he's not offering advice and recommendations to his friends and customers, Dillon can be found hitting his local trails and parks like Hidden Falls Adventure Park and teaching his daughter how to turn a wrench in the garage.


Dennis O.: Regional Sales Rep


Dennis, like Dillon, is one of our OG Regional Reps and joined our team in 2017. He is extremely active in the Northeast US social media groups online and helps to host many White Mountain Jeep events up here every year. His knowledge of compatible parts as well as first-hand experience with parts and installations helps him guide his customers through the buying process and, for his local clients, through the installation process as well. When Dennis isn't scouring the interwebs to make sure he outfits your vehicle with the best quality parts for your needs, you can find him on the Northeast trails like Jericho Mountain State Park or cruising the Kang. 

Feel free to follow along for behind the scene action and offroading adventures!
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