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Stories That Inspire Us: A Unique JeepHer's Build

Posted by Gillian Fournier on 19th Feb 2018

Toxic JeepHer Build
Build: 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Concept: Unique DIY Build
Social Media Platforms: Instagram (@toxicjeepher) Facebook (
Story Told By: Sam M.

"I bought this Jeep stock with 65,000 miles on it, and turned it into what is it today. My boyfriend is my mechanic/supporter and we do everything ourselves. I'm very into being original so I've DIYed a lot of unique things. My Jeep has a 6.5" Critical Path LongArm Kit from Iron Rock. I then threw on some Mickey Thompson 15x10 Classic in black and wrapped them with a set of Mastercraft MXT 33x12.5s. I painted it a custom flat purple and painted all the plastic trimming black. The interior has Toxic Camo all the way through and the seats have a tailor made set of Toxic Camo seat covers. I custom made the headlights and installed Spyder LED taillights. I have also made custom half doors for my Jeep! It's coming along nicely, but is a long way from being finished! You'll be able to check out my Jeep and meet me at this years Jeep Beach in Daytona, the Bloomsburg Truck Show in Pennsylvania and Ocean City Jeep Beach!"