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Jeep Wrangler JLU: Uncovered Body Shell and Exterior Shots

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It seems like more and more leaked photos of the highly anticipated Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU have been surfacing lately, as the date of initial release creeps closer. The folks over at JL Wrangler Forums have been keeping us updated as the days go by with all the new information and updates. 

The most recent photos to be spilled are of the uncovered body shell of a white JLU. The side view gives us a better glimpse of the front vents and quarter panel design will look like and the bolt locations for the doors and fenders. The front vents, although smaller than expected, are designed to aid in air escaping from underneath the fender liners and will help to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.

You can see the full roll cage from without the windshield glass, roof, windows and doors. The photo hints at a sport bar with rectangular tubing with rounded edges.

From the rear, the new style door pull handles and spare tire mounting points are visible. Earlier this month, at an FCA dealer meeting, it was announced that the spare tire mount will be 3-4 inches lower than the current JK model. This is to improve rear visibility.

The taped up grill also gives us a little insight into the shape and design of the new grill style. 

A close up shot of the new hood latches seem to have a more sturdy design, hopefully to reduce the hood flutter at highway speeds. The current bungee-style closure looks to be replaces with a heavy duty metal rung.

Another big change that has had people talking was the addition of marker lights on the fender flares, rather than the grill itself. These photos reveal the fender LED strips that are flanked by a yellow light or reflective element around the wheel arch.

Again, a huge thank you to the folks at JL Wrangler Forums (http://www.jlwranglerforums.com/) for keeping us updated and providing us with some solid photos and information. As always, check back here and the JL Wrangler Forums for all of the up-to-date Jeep Wrangler JL details! The countdown is on!


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